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Coupling - Air 10Mm Jets
Coupling - Water -19Mm Jets
Barb 19Mm X 50Mm Spg Jets
Plug 19Mm (Long Shanked) Jets
Air Tee Barbed Jets
Barb 19Mm (Angled) X 25Mm Spg Jets
Barb 19Mm (Straight) X 25Mm Spg Jets
Signature 18 Port Air Manifold Jets
Hot Spring Spas Elbow/nipple Assy Jets
Y - Water 19Mm Jets
Y - Air 10Mm Jets
Tee Barb 19Mm X 25Mm Spg Long Jets
Balboa Barb 3/8 Elbow X 1 Spg Jets
Balboa 2X 3/8 Barb X 1 Spg Jets
50Mm Water Manifold 4 Port Sockets Jets
Reducer Barb 9Mm To 5Mm Jets
16 Port Air Manifold 40Mm Jets
Barb Elbow 90O X 3/4 (.340 Orifice) Jets
Barb 3/8 X 1/2 Spg Jets
8 Port Air Manifold - 3 Way Jets
Plug For 3/4 Barb Jets
Barb 19Mm 4 Way X 25 Spg Jets
Balboa Barb-3/8 X 1/2 Spg Jets
Balboa 3/4 Barb X Spg Jets
Balboa Man Air 6P 3/8Bx1Sx1Sp Jets
Balboa Inj-.250 Orif Tee X 3/4 Barb Jets
Balboa Micro 3/4 Barb - Orifice Jets
Balboa 3/8 Air Wye Adaptor Jets
Balboa 1/2In Spg X (2) 3/8In Barbs Jets
50Mm Water Manifold 6 Port Sockets Jets
Cmp Blower Assist Tee Jets
Barb Adaptor 3/4 Spigot To Jets
Barb Adaptor - 1 Spigot To 3/4 Jets
1/2 Spigot To 3/4 Barb Jets
Cmp 3/4 Wye Fitting Jets

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